Re: Distribution permissions for DSSSL spec?

Subject: Re: Distribution permissions for DSSSL spec?
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 07:35:04 -0500
/ Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jon Bosak) was heard to say:
| [Norm Walsh:]
| | Over the weekend, I banged out a script to make an HTML version
| | of the DSSSL spec (reading the Dynatext version on my 800x600
| | laptop is nearly unbearable).
| Hmph.  It's always worked for me.  ;-)

No offense intended, Jon ;-)

| Seriously, have you tried using the menu button that bumps the type up
| larger?  If you lose the TOC, it's pretty readable even at VGA
| resolution.

No, in fairness, I haven't.  It's the only dynatext book I've
got and I've never played much with the interface.  I probably
could have fixed it, but writing the DSSSL script was much more

(I had just finished 3/4 of a day of hard yardwork and was
looking for a project that was purely mental but not hard; it
fit the bill perfectly.)

| The DynaText version is not identical to the one published by ISO.
| It's the very very last committee draft and differs from the published
| version (if I remember correctly) by three commas.  I can't recall
| whether it has three commas more or three commas less than the ISO
| version, but I do remember that they don't change the meaning of
| anything.

Do you know if it differs from the SGML sources at
by more than three commas?  (e.g., did the <FIXME>s get fixed ;-)

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