how to create a table-part header?

Subject: how to create a table-part header?
From: "Koblizek, Vaci" <Vaci-Koblizek@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 18:45:56 -0000
I'm struggling through my first attempt to create a table in an rtf document
using DSSSL. I'm trying to follow the documentation in ,
but I'm stuck as to how to get my "HEADING" element to flow into the "header
port" of the table-part flow object, as indicated by this description:

"A table-part flow object is allowed only within a table flow object. A
table-part flow object has three ports: 

      the principal port is used for the table body. 
      header is used for the table header. 
      footer is used for the table footer."

Should I be tagging my header element somehow to get it flow into the
non-default object? 

Vaci Koblizek

My test data is as follows:


<!ELEMENT testdoc   -    -     (table)   >
<!ELEMENT table     -    -      (tablepart)*     >
<!ELEMENT heading   -    -    (#PCDATA)        >
<!ELEMENT tablepart -    -     (heading?, row*)      >
<!ELEMENT summary   -    -  (#PCDATA)        >
<!ELEMENT row       -    -     (cell+)          >
<!ELEMENT cell      -    -     (#PCDATA)        >


(element TESTDOC
	 (make sequence           
	       font-family-name: "Arial"
	       input-whitespace-treatment: 'collapse
	       quadding: 'start

(element TABLE
	 (make table
(element TABLEPART
	 (make table-part	       

(element ROW
	 (make table-row

(element CELL
	 (make table-cell


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE testdoc SYSTEM "testdoc.dtd">
      <heading>Part of the table</heading>

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