HyBrick V0.8 with XLink/XPointer is now Available

Subject: HyBrick V0.8 with XLink/XPointer is now Available
From: Ralph Ferris <ralph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 01:54:40 -0500

The latest version of Fujitsu's "HyBrick" browser, V0.8, with support for
XLink/XPointer, is now available from Fujitsu's Web site: 


The browser and supporting documentation can be downloaded by clicking on
This is a Japanese-language site, so much of the supporting documentation
won't be accessible to non-Japanese readers. A brief summary:


- HyBrick includes a DSSSL renderer and XLink/XPointer engine running on
top of SP and Jade
- XLink/XPointer are supported on the local file system
- XPointer is implemented as a subset of the HyTime property set
- Link traversal can use either "New" or "Replace" to display a new page

Using HyBrick:

- HyBrick is supplied as a self-extracting file.
- Once the files are installed, start HyBrick from the bin directory. 
- Use the "Browse" button to open the file sample\docs\readme.xml.
- Click on blue-highlighted areas with the left mouse button to see a list
of locations linked to the highlighted location. If only one location is
available, traversal to that location is immediate.
- Click on blue-highlighted areas with the right mouse button to see the
location of that area expressed as an XPointer.

Contact info:

Please address questions and comments to:


Best regards,

Ralph E. Ferris
Fujitsu Software Corporation
phone: 408 456 7806

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