Re: DocBook and Jade for Literate Programming

Subject: Re: DocBook and Jade for Literate Programming
From: "James H. Cloos Jr." <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 03 Nov 1998 21:07:22 -0600
>>>>> "MW" == Mark Wroth <MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

MW> Have you looked at W. Eliot Kimber's "Using SGML Architectures and
MW> DSSSL to Do Literate Programming"
MW> (
MW> I also note C. M. Sperberg-McQueen's "SWEB: an SGML Tag Set for
MW> Literate Programming"
MW> (, which appears to
MW> be even closer to what you are aiming at, ...

I knew *someone* had to have spent some effort already on this.  From
the first site I eventually ended up at `Literate Programming with
SGML and XML' <>,
refered from `The SGML/XML Web Page -- Extensible Markup Language
(XML)' <>.  How I missed that
one on my first search I'll never know ... :(

MW> ... with this model, how would you handle a code "scrap" which
MW> is included in several output files?

Sweb is very close to what I was thinking, but is better thought/
fleshed out than my initial concept.

JHC> Also, all whitespace after the CODE tag and before the /CODE tag
JHC> would be ignored during extraction.

MW> Consider this one carefully before you make it the only approach
MW> you support; some potential output languages consider whitespace
MW> significant (e.g. makefiles).

Point taken.  I guess I was thinking more like ignoring [ \t]*[\n\r]+
than ignoring [ \t\n\r]* and munged the translation to prose. :)

MW> I'd be happy to discuss this general topic with you further, but
MW> we may be going astray from the DSSSList's topics (or maybe not,
MW> since some of the significant issues is how to process the
MW> resulting marked up text, and what markup to use in the
MW> documentation parts -- while a new markup could certainly be
MW> defined, it may make sense to use an existing one).

Yes, the concept of using DSSSL (Jade in specific) for both weaving
and tangling was the motivation for crossposting here.  That said, the
<xml-litprog-l@xxxxxxxxxxx> list may be the better place for
discussion, as I would prefer to use XML over SGML: the ability to
publish the doc by just uploading the XML file to a web server is
appealing.  (Of course that will only work after the next round of
browsers is released, but ....)

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