Re: DocBook and Jade for Literate Programming

Subject: Re: DocBook and Jade for Literate Programming
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 07:54:02 -0800
>  "James H. Cloos Jr." <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes (among other things)
> that
> Yes, the concept of using DSSSL (Jade in specific) for both weaving
> and tangling was the motivation for crossposting here.  That said, the
> <xml-litprog-l@xxxxxxxxxxx> list may be the better place for
> discussion, as I would prefer to use XML over SGML: the ability to
> publish the doc by just uploading the XML file to a web server is
> appealing.  (Of course that will only work after the next round of
> browsers is released, but ....)
I'm unpersuaded at the moment, but it's largely an issue of general
support; XML capable browsers etc. promise much for general distribution
if and when they are generally available.  There are a couple of areas
where that availability may change the way I do things.
	Selfishly, I'd like to see discussion of the DSSSL (Jade in
particular) processing of literate programs stay on the DSSSList, and we
do seem to have some general interest.

(out of order snip)
> I knew *someone* had to have spent some effort already on this.  From
> the first site I eventually ended up at `Literate Programming with
> SGML and XML' <>,
> refered from `The SGML/XML Web Page -- Extensible Markup Language
> (XML)' <>.  How I missed that
> one on my first search I'll never know ... :(
Thanks for the pointer; I had missed this one :-)

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