Re: returning a nodelist

Subject: Re: returning a nodelist
From: Mike Sosteric <mikes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 21:19:00 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


I get it! I get it! I get it!. In a blinding flash of enlightenment I now grock 
what is going on. I was able to totally rewrite my stylesheet tonight to make 
it do EXACTLY what I wanted. And I did it in about 2 hours as compared to the 
2 weeks since I started with DSSSL. And it was very much not an uncomplicated 
task :-). Four levels of SGML to navigate....

But I can do it...

It is still a chore to navigate the nodelist, and it still brings on a
headache, but at least I know what I'm doing now.

Not an expert of course, but at least I have working knowledge.

So thanks to all who took the time to help. I much appreciate it. I'll be hanging 
around and maybe I'll even try to answer a question or two in the weeks ahead. Take 
some of the load of off the others.

But you know, speaking about documentation and such, it would be nice to have 
a DSSSL programming FAQ no? I think many of the questions I asked would have 
been candidates for such a FAQ.


    Brandon> Tony Graham said:
    >>  At 10 Dec 1998 15:49 -0600, Brandon Ibach wrote: > Basically,
    >> everything in DSSSL/Scheme/Lisp is an expression to be >
    >> evaluated.  The first part of chapter 8 of the DSSSL spec
    >> covers this > fairly clearly and in good detail, but I'll give
    >> a quick summary.  (If > I didn't have other obligations, I'd be
    >> very tempted to just get it > over with and try to write a book
    >> on DSSSL... *sigh*).
    >> You could just write a small part and contribute it to the
    >> DSSSL Documentation Project.
    >> There's more than enough knowledge amongst people on this list
    >> to write a book on DSSSL, but seemingly no-one has the time to
    >> write a book by themselves.  I remain convinced that DSSSL is
    >> being held back by the lack of reference material, and the
    >> DSSSL Documentation Project, by providing the reference
    >> material that we all need, is meant to be a place where we can
    >> pool our resources for our mutual benefit.
    Brandon>    I agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, in the times that I
    Brandon> have contemplated the book idea, I have thought to start
    Brandon> with the materials already available at the DSSSL Doc
    Brandon> Project, and to then contribute the final result back to
    Brandon> the project.  At this point, I feel a strong pull to do
    Brandon> some implementation work.  Namely, I feel there is a
    Brandon> desperate need for a good quality implementation of the
    Brandon> DSSSL Transformation Language, and have spent some time
    Brandon> considering how I might approach such a task.
    Brandon> Nonetheless, with all the time I have spent on some of my
    Brandon> longer diatribes here, I may as well be contributing to
    Brandon> the DDP.  I'll take a look at the structure of things
    Brandon> there and see if I can't contribute some general
    Brandon> materials on DSSSL/Scheme, as that seems to be the area
    Brandon> where I could contribute the most.  (At last!  A really
    Brandon> good reason to finally get properly familiarized with
    Brandon> Docbook... :)

    Brandon> -Brandon :)

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