two languages in one document

Subject: two languages in one document
From: Alexander Taranov <tay@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 14:36:16 +0300
Michael Sobolev writes:
 > A small question.  I believe that the answer to my question is "no", but I'd
 > like to hear opinions from people.
My answer is "yes"

You set "lang" attribute of Russian sections to "ru",
to "usen" (for example) for English sections.
This leads to localization of *generated text*  in 
modular style sheet.


 > I have a document (in DocBook!), which I want to have in two languages (English
 > and Russian).  Is it possible to create the only file that would have the both
 > variants? (here goes "no", I believe)  Where could I look for the information
 > on tools that help with the situation like this?
 > Thanks,
 > --
 > Mike
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