Re: two languages in one document

Subject: Re: two languages in one document
From: Adam Di Carlo <apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Dec 1998 11:26:21 -0500
"Michael" == Michael Sobolev <mss@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 1998 at 06:50:16AM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
>> Are you interested in using the dual-language version as an aid in
>> translation, or just to hold both versions?

> Sorry, I do not quite see the difference. :)

I'm actually more inclined to separate the two versions into separate
documents.  Clearly, language independant components to the document
should be defined in external (shared) SGML fragments.

>> If you only want one of them to appear in the output, that would
>> require a little (er, maybe a lot) of customization.

> It looks like the DTD is the first thing to be changed for
> implementing this.

What we have started doing is to use a little scheme script to walk
the ESIS output of sp.  Given a knowledge of entities which are
structural and language independant, and a file, it outputs that
structure (still needs lots of work).  That gives us a template for
translators to work on.  Of course, the ESIS (and the grove) doesn't
have some rather crucial language independant stuff such as the
document preample, but we figure we'll just postprocess a bit to get

I work a lot with the Debian Documentation Project, and
multi-linguistic SGML documents are very important to us.  There are
many more issues, i.e., keeping different translation in sync (which
should be not so challenging given an assumption that we are using
CVS) and proper output of HTML files for Apache's language negotiation

I'd be interested who if anyone out there has working code to do these
kind of things.

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