RE: Entity files for Jade/DocBook?

Subject: RE: Entity files for Jade/DocBook?
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 10:40:44 -0800
I've been using Word 7.0 (Word 95), and it appears not to choke on the
Unicode specified characters -- it just produces either the wrong glyph
or a question mark (depending on the character in question). For
example, &agr; produces the glyph I would have expected for (IIRC)
é (the specific example is at home at the moment, so I'm going
from memory).

But I'm having a conceptual problem with your suggestion to use the math
flow objects.  I thought that by the time the DSSSL process was
underway, the SGML parser had already replaced entity references with
their definitions?  So how would one apply a flow object to a defined
entity?  Obviously I'm either ignorant or confused (or both :-).  

	Does it matter that I'm attempting to use DocBook without
extension (i.e. without adding elements to the DTD for math markup [yet,
anyway; I'm finding pure DocBook's lack of math markup to be a problem,
but have not yet attacked the question of how to extend it])?

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> 	I have now come to believe that there is no way to specify an
> SGML entity which will process through Jade to the RTF backend and
> result in a glyph not in the "standard" font (e.g. a lowercase alpha,
> &agr; or α). 

I thought that newer versions of Word had native unicode support? (Not
that I have ever used Word at all). What does work, if you just need
to access a few special characters, is to use the math flow objects
and then jade's rtf back end will set up the rtf to use equation editor
syntax to get at the greek letters. This probably isn't too good if
you are aiming to write large sections of Greek text though.


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