Re: About the source library

Subject: Re: About the source library
From: Glauber Ribeiro <glauber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 07:38:41 -0500
Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Adam Di Carlo writes:
>  > >>>>> "Glauber" == Glauber Ribeiro <glauber@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>  >
>  > Glauber> Jade is pretty close in all counts. (2) can be done by
>  > Glauber> combining Jadetex and PDFtex; however, the hyperlinking is
>  > Glauber> still less than what you get with, say, PDFLaTeX.
>  >
>  > Um, actually, I use pdfjadetex and it works great.  Well, uh, actually
> yes, I dont know why Glauber says the linking is less than you'd get
> with pdflatex. how much you get depends on what you do in your DSSSL code

You are 100% correct, of course. I meant that with the stylesheets i'm
using i get index and table of contents linking, but no bookmarks. I've
grown to like the bookmarks you get with PDFLaTeX.

As i get to learn how to create my own DTDs and stylesheets, of course i
could do whatever i wanted.


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