jade/tex experience

Subject: jade/tex experience
From: Joerg Wittenberger <Joerg.Wittenberger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 May 1999 21:57:46 +0200
Hi folks,

today I reached the limits of jade+jadetex.  Surprisingly the "normal"
installations broke down with "tex capacity exceeded, sorry [hash

Sure it must be possible to fix that by recompiling tex.

Did anybody prepare documents with 400+ pages using

I wonder who else experienced that limit before and what limits are
reasonable (I don't want to run tex from within a perl script and
recompile tex in case of that msg ;=)

Anyone with an idea, whether this could be influenced from the style
sheet (use of FO's, "make sequence" vs. sosofo-append etc.)?

BTW: very interesting effect I'd like to understand: The I get the
*very* same message on two machines; but at my PII 64M laptop it
manages to produce 42 pages, on a powerpc AIX (no mem number at the
moment) it produces 62 pages.  In contrast the pdfjadetex on AIX did
break with a pool size limit - but that's probably due to different
comp time opts.

Thanks for your experience.


Sapere Aude

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