Re: 2 questions

Subject: Re: 2 questions
From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 May 1999 00:25:36 -0400
>>>>> "TV" == Tsyshevsky Vladimir <wowa@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
TV> Such things as sgml comments, ignored chars, DTD contents etc. are
TV> not included into grove created by jade. But you can access is at
TV> more low level (you have to inherit new class from ParserApp and
TV> process all the Event callbacks related).

TV> I managed to create the interface for Scheme programming language,
TV> and successfully used it in three working applications. Using it,
TV> for example, I can assemble back literally exact copy of any SGML
TV> document.

TV> Initially the interface designed for MzScheme package and tested
TV> on Unix, now it ported to Bigloo (in alpha-pre-release).

TV> I plan to get sources publicly available as soon as I write some
TV> more documentation.

Sounds very interesting. I'm a big fan of scheme and bigloo... I'd be
very interested to see what you have.  In fact, one of my scheme
experts was just asking me the other day how hard I thought it would
be to write a scheme or lisp grove constructor... even without any
formatting capabilities, I think this would be very useful.

Be sure to keep us up-to-date.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<URL:>

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