Subject: Newbie
From: "Grafton Clarke" <graftonlclarke@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 21:02:25 AST
I am trying to develop some skill in DSSSl. I have difficluty getting off to a start. I have marked up 3 scripts in SGML, they all use the same DTD and DSSL style sheet. I have looked at Jade but do not see how this helps to render the documents for monitor display or for printing. Jade needs a how-to. It seems targeted to programmers in C++, Perl etc, I am not. Yet as I understand it, Jade can be used for my purpose. Where do I start. This submission is on advice from a regulat contributor who said I ought not to be embarassed. Just pose my problem. Thus I await some one's help;

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