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Subject: RE: Newbie
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 06:53:16 -0400
Hi Grafton,

Why not use OpenJade instead? The first step is to go to the OpenJade site
which contains a rich collection of resources. The link is:

For monitor display (i.e. HTML take a look at the article:

HTML-CSS Formatting objects (it uses the -t html option - this is HTML + CSS
and HTML Sample (it uses Tony's Graham library - this is HTML output with
HTML formatting objects)

You've been simply at the wrong place. OpenJade is now the successor of
Jade. OpenJade is maintained by an international community of developers.
You did the right thing to call for help and tell the regular contributor to
give the OpenJade link the next time ;-)

Didier PH Martin

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I am trying to develop some skill in DSSSl. I have difficluty getting off to
a start. I have marked up 3 scripts in SGML, they all use the same DTD and
DSSL style sheet. I have looked at Jade but do not see how this helps to
render the documents for monitor display or for printing. Jade needs a
how-to. It seems targeted to programmers in C++, Perl etc, I am not. Yet as
I understand it, Jade can be used for my purpose. Where do I start. This
submission is on advice from a regulat contributor who said I ought not to
be embarassed. Just pose my problem. Thus I await some one's help;

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