Re: Newbie

Subject: Re: Newbie
From: Mark Galassi <rosalia@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 15 Sep 1999 21:53:47 -0600
Dear Grafton,

You should certainly not be embarassed to ask this kind of question.

>From your question I am not completely sure of whether you want to:

* *Use* existing DSSSL stylesheets for a particular DTD that you use
   in your work, possibly with a simple recipe for generating HTML or
   postscript output from your document,


* *Write* a DSSSL stylesheet for a particular DTD that you use in your

In both cases, the jade source code is not a good place to start: it
is complicated and hard to grasp.

In the former case, you should tell us what DTD you are using: a DSSSL
stylesheet is specific to a DTD, and many have already been written.
If you are using the DocBook DTD, there are a few user-friendly
options for you to use Norm's excellent DSSSL stylesheets.  Let me
know what DTD you are using.

In the latter case, there are some nice tutorials on programming DSSSL
stylesheets (DSSSL is actually a program language -- a subset of
Scheme).  I can point you to some of them.  If you are using an
established DTD, once you get your feet wet with the tutorials, you
could then take the hard-core DSSSLs for that DTD and start from them.

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