Re: SGML entity mgmt stds

Subject: Re: SGML entity mgmt stds
From: Mark Galassi <rosalia@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 16 Sep 1999 09:01:10 -0600
>>>>> "Didier" == Didier PH Martin <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Didier> I can tell you than from the user point of view and
    Didier> depending on which feature you want to use, there is a
    Didier> difference between OpenJade and Jade. jade is dead
    Didier> organism and OpenJade a living body evolving each day. Of
    Didier> course, OpenJade is based on Jade's code base but the
    Didier> OpenJade branch is evolving, jade is not.

Dear Didier,

This is wonderful news.  I knew that you guys were picking up the jade
code (which would have eventually died without a really energetic
effort like what you describe, just because of the James's excellent
but idiosyncratic code), and from what you say it sounds like you are
really going for it.

What I meant about users is that most doc writers just run "db2html"
(or whatever wrapper script).

The next time I put out a package, I will certainly use the most
recent OpenJade release.

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