Re: SGML entity mgmt stds

Subject: Re: SGML entity mgmt stds
From: Mark Galassi <rosalia@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 15 Sep 1999 21:57:34 -0600
Wow, am I only answering this question 3 months later?  How
embarassing!  Well, for what it's worth...

    Adam> "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    >> Does Red Hat includes OpenJade???

    Adam> I'm not aware that there is a release of OpenJade yet.

Indeed, although you can use SGMLtools or my packages on Red Hat, and
you get jade 1.2.1.  From a user level you will not really know the
difference between jade and the next release (which will be Open

    Adam> Honestly, I'm not sure what sort of file-system arrangement
    Adam> he uses, or whether he follow's the SGML on Unix guideslines
    Adam> I mentioned before.

My packages do not use the guidelines yet, but the nice thing about
packaging is that when they do, the typical end user will not really
notice the difference.

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