Re: PDFJadeTeX Memory problems

Subject: Re: PDFJadeTeX Memory problems
From: Thomas Andre Berger <thomasbe@xxxxxx>
Date: 01 Nov 1999 11:04:26 +0100
"Pursel, Frank" <frank_pursel@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 0. Downloaded the most recent version of jadetex and reconstructed the
> format files for jadetex and pdfjadetex, because the redhat distributed
> versions were broken.
> 1. Modified texmf.cnf to have huge memory parameters for pdfjadetex and
> pdftex.  Here are relevant parts of my current texmf.cnf file:


0: How did you recreate the format files?  Did you use the hugelatex
   settings?  In that case, changing these may help.  Then the
   recreate the format files.

1: I don't know how dynamic TeX is, that is reading the values set in
   texmf.cnf.  My experience is that one needs to first edit the
   texmf.cnf file, then make the format files (and link executables to
   the virtex binaries to make own jadetex/pdfjadetex binaries).

Also, having a jadetex version that matches the jade/openjade version
you have is a good thing.  I think there has been done some changes to
the tex-backend in openjade that is not compatible with older jadetex

 Thomas A. Berger

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