Re: PDFJadeTeX Memory problems

Subject: Re: PDFJadeTeX Memory problems
From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 13:39:46 +0000 (GMT)
Thomas Andre Berger writes:
 > 1: I don't know how dynamic TeX is, that is reading the values set in
 >    texmf.cnf. 
it depends on the variable

 >  My experience is that one needs to first edit the
 >    texmf.cnf file, then make the format files (and link executables to
 >    the virtex binaries to make own jadetex/pdfjadetex binaries).
yes, in general this is a good idea

 > Also, having a jadetex version that matches the jade/openjade version
 > you have is a good thing.  I think there has been done some changes to
 > the tex-backend in openjade that is not compatible with older jadetex
 > version.

if this is true, someone please tell me, so that I can re-release a
compatible JadeTeX!


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