QuarkXpress backend for jade

Subject: QuarkXpress backend for jade
From: "Franck DELAHAYE" <franck.delahaye@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 13:06:30 +0100

Brandon said:
> > Why did you ask? For quality reasons or really for using the QXD lateron?
> > 
> The choice of QXP has been made because it seems to be the only tool
> that both enable editing facilities and ensures professional quality for
> post-production.
> Especially, it supports PANTONE (TM) colors and nuances, and the
> insertion of graphics made by other tools with a resolution higher than
> 2400 dps to enable good quality prints.
> It seems that there are no other tools that supports both.
> Do you think there are ?
   Well, I'm not particularly familiar with FrameMaker, but wouldn't
it support these types of functionality?  It is a well regarded,
professional tool.  Can anyone who knows more about it comment?  Jade
already has a MIF backend, so this would probably be an easy solution,
if it would do what is needed.

Didier answer:
I do not know if Framemaker supports your requirements.

I'm currently looking if FrameMaker supports 2400 dps resolutions and
PANTONE colors.
I'll post the result of my inquiry.

Sebstian said:
Franck DELAHAYE writes:
 > The problem is that the formatted document should be editable,
 > and, AFAIK, there are no tools to edit PDF with standard edition
 > facilities ( edition of tables, text, insertion of graphics...).
 > Do you know such a tool?

Can you give more convincing examples of why you want to edit the
text? for the ones you give, the obvious reply is "why don't you get
the SGML/XML or DSSSL right in the first place?"

The data to be published are stored in an SQL database. SGML/XML is used
to automatically assemble the document structures and contents from the
database, and use an SGML converter like jade.
So the main reason to use a publishing tools afterwords, is to make the
layout final touches. An SGML authoring tool is not in my opinion a good
solution for such things.
But it can also happen that the final document needs to be customized
for a particular customer, by adding a few texts tables graphics by
hand, that need not to be stored in the database, nor the integration of
an SGML authoring tool.

Adam said:
"Franck DELAHAYE" <franck.delahaye@xxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm looking for a solution to generate a QuarkXpress document from an
> SGML document.
> So, did anybody work on a QuarXpress backend for jade ?
> Or, are there any solution from an existing jade backend ?

Can't you flow RTF into a Quark text box?
Here is the result of my inquiry at www.quark.com for such a solution:

	For text flow OK but not for tables, I've tried to import a jade made
RTF table in Quark and just the text flows of the cells appear.
	It seems that Quark has no notion of tables, just boxes that correspond
to word's "text zone" (even not "text frame" as a boxe does not
automatically resize while you enter text in it).
	In fact to edit tables in Quark, you need a third-party tool that makes
the conversion of tables in Quark boxes, and this tool does not provide
RTF filters.

Michael said:
> Can't you flow RTF into a Quark text box?
I believe one of the problems with RTF backend in jade is that it does
support styles in terms of RTF.  This means that if you cannot get the
(look!) you want right after jade, it's quite painful to make it looking

In the context of the Quark publishing problem I face, this is a "second
level" problem, as the final goal is to print the documents and send
them to the customer.

But I agree with you, I faced this problem with jade in the past. We
couldn't use jade because we couldn't provide with it an automatic
solution that produced documents valid according to a word stylsheet.

Do you think this will be added to jade one day ?


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