Re: QuarkXpress backend for jade

Subject: Re: QuarkXpress backend for jade
From: sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 07:33:59 -0500
Franck DELAHAYE writes:
 > The data to be published are stored in an SQL database. SGML/XML is used
 > to automatically assemble the document structures and contents from the
 > database, and use an SGML converter like jade.
 > So the main reason to use a publishing tools afterwords, is to make the
 > layout final touches.

final touches, yes (float movement etc),
but inclusion of new elements like tables???

 >  An SGML authoring tool is not in my opinion a good
 > solution for such things.

then why get involved with DSSSL at all? why not go straight from the
XML to your publishing tool?

 > But it can also happen that the final document needs to be customized
 > for a particular customer, by adding a few texts tables graphics by
 > hand, that need not to be stored in the database

why not add them by hand in the XML file?


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