Re: <legalnotice>

Subject: Re: <legalnotice>
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 06:06:34 -0500
/ Bek Oberin <gossamer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| Part of our notes we have in <legalnotice> tags, like so:
| <legalnotice>
| <title>Open Publication License</title>
| <para>
| This work (Netizen "Introduction to Perl" training module notes) is
| licensed
| under the Open Publication License.
| </para>
| &opl.sgml
| &cert.sgml
| </legalnotice>
| I need these to come out in small print for the HTML copy,
| what needs to go in the stylesheet for this?

Is this DocBook?


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