RE: PDFJadeTeX Documentation.

Subject: RE: PDFJadeTeX Documentation.
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 13:49:50 -0000
Jadetex documentation: A starter for 10
I did actually write this up.
Its now resident on the Linux partition of the
computer I gave to my son 9 months ago<sigh/>

Also, I couldn't find Sebastians jadetex 'install' documentation
that used to be on his site?

Regards DaveP

 Frank A. Christoph started it:

1. Check if you have, else create, hugelatex

[How to check?, How to create?]

2. Add the following to texmf.conf

>pool_size.jadetex = 300000
>pool_size.pdfjadetex = 300000

>hash_extra.jadetex = 20000
>hash_extra.pdfjadetex = 20000

3. create a symbolic link to "latex" and "pdflatex" with the 
same name as the basename of the .fmt file.... in case anyone else was 


4. Integrate jadetex macros with your tex installation


Anyone add anything else?


Or use TexLive from the CD ROM. :-)


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