RE: PDFJadeTeX Documentation.

Subject: RE: PDFJadeTeX Documentation.
From: "Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:40:36 +0000 (GMT)
Frank A. Christoph writes:
 > 1. As I said, I was able to make jadetex.fmt with "latex" rather than
 > "hugelatex". Does that have any consequences, or does it not matter as long
 > as you can produce the the format file?

it may matter; I confess that even I am unclear about which constants
are set at runtime and which are fixed in the format file; and when
"jadetex" is built on top of "latex", whether it keeps the values set
when latex.fmt was generated.

I tend to be conservative about this, and assume that it *does*
matter, and that jadetex should be built using a hugelatex.fmt (ie
one with big constants)

 > 2. Are the pool_size and hash_extra values below OK? Any other parameters
 > that should be upped?

my values today are as follows; last time I tried, I could still
format the DSSSL spec with this setup.

main_memory.pdfjadetex = 2500000
param_size.pdfjadetex = 1500
stack_size.pdfjadetex = 1500
hash_extra.pdfjadetex = 50000
string_vacancies.pdfjadetex = 45000
pool_free.pdfjadetex = 47500
nest_size.pdfjadetex = 500
save_size.pdfjadetex = 5000
pool_size.pdfjadetex = 500000
max_strings.pdfjadetex = 55000

 > 3. When making the format files, there is a warning about no Elsevier font
 > setup being available. Is that safe to ignore?

yes. it means that some Unicode characters will not be available
(since my setup was for Elsevier, I picked up characters from some
proprietary fonts).

this area of matching up Unicode positions to TeX fonts and characters 
therein is something I *am* going to work on, because it affects
PassiveTeX as well (and anything else based on parsing XML). so expect 
updates in this area. I am aware that Kluwer and Elsevier (at least)
have projects for new fonts to fit in the thousands of extra MathML
characters needed, so I can afford to kludge this for now; but I do
want to make sure that eg Greek and Cyrillic work properly, with free

I am not sure at what point JadeTeX (and PassiveTeX) should drop TeX in
favour of Omega (Unicode-based TeX). Sooner rather than later, I suspect.


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