Re: displaying dashes

Subject: Re: displaying dashes
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 11:36:15 -0600
Quoting Bek Oberin <gossamer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Got a problem with double-dashes in DocBook:
> Skud wrote:
> > In the print output, double dashes (eg "--") are smushed down to one
> > dash ("-"), which is fine in most cases.  The problem is when it happens
> > inside a literal context such as <programlisting> ... I've had some
> > *very* strange directory listings:
> > -r-r-r- blah blah blah...
> > My workaround, using four dashes, gave the right output in print but
> > gave something like this in HTML:
> > -r----r----r----
> > Oops :)
   Which backend are you using for print output?  In TeX, two dashes
in a row get converted to a single dash of a certain size in the
output.  However, I would think that the TeX backend would fix this
for you.  Can anyone comment on that?

-Brandon :)

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