Re: displaying dashes

Subject: Re: displaying dashes
From: Bek Oberin <gossamer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:30:55 +1100
Brandon Ibach wrote:
>>>> Skud wrote:
>>>>> In the print output, double dashes (eg "--") are smushed down to
>>>>> one dash ("-"), which is fine in most cases.  The problem is
>>>>> when it happens
>> TeX, you guessed it.
> Well, short of someone patching the OpenJade backend to fix this on
> input, you could alter your documents to use an entity reference for
> dashes and include something like this in your DTD:
> <!ENTITY % tex "IGNORE">
> <![ %tex; [
> <!ENTITY dash "--{}">
> ]]>
> <!ENTITY dash "-">
> This will cause &dash; to be replaced with a single dash, unless you
> include the "-itex" option on the OpenJade (or other SP-based tool,
> such as nsgmls) command line, in which case %tex; will be defined as
> "INCLUDE", thus using the TeX-style &dash;, because earlier
> definitions of an entity override later ones.

For this case do I now use &dash;&dash; every place I had a 
double-dash in the input?  I already have a .dtd file for this
project so just drop in what you put?

Appologies for any dimwittedness on my part, it's late and I
still haven't got a proper handly on this DocBook stuff.  It's


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