external-graphic import error

Subject: external-graphic import error
From: "Darrell W. Royter" <droyter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 18:11:48 -0500
Hi everyone,
Last week I ad asked for help on importing a graphic and the response I received sent me on a trail so long I can't recall how I got to the point I'm at now.
What I am trying t odo is import graphics into my file, the names of which are in the SGML. I want to import those files without having to directly declare the file's name in my DSSSL by extracting the name out of the SGML.
I was told to try
(data (element "Name"))
but it didn't work.
I created this in a mode and tried to refernce it in my "(make external-graphic...entity-system-id (string append..", but that coughed up more errors.
So I dug around some more and came up with this
(element artwork
  (make external-graphic
         (select-elements (children (ancestor "file")) "artwork"))".jpg")
    notation-system-id: "jpg" ))
Instead of getting the usual "Hey, you can't put a whatchamacallit in an atomic such and such" message,
I got this:
1st argument for primitive "attribute-string" of wrong type: "#<unknown object 13538296>" not a string.
I've only seen something like this posted on the archive from about 2 years ago on a similar issue. Is this a serious bug that I can't get around?
My other question, which is still my original question, is how can I get this to work? I still can't get a graphic to import unless I direclty state the file name in my DSSSL. I'd hate to use multiple DSSSL files because that would just open a second can of worms for me.
Thanks for all your help in the past!
Darrell W. Royter 
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