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Subject: following white space
From: Peter Bennett <peter.bennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 12:13:54 -0000
I am currently learning XML and DSSSL and am currently converting XML to

all appears fine, but I need to add a decent amount of whitespace under
a processed xml element.

I  want to do this by, appending make element "BR" in my style sheet.

The problem is that, the appended element(s) end up encasing the
original element in the final HTML.

e.g. I end up with <BR><BR>my element</BR></BR>   rather than the
desired  my element<BR></BR><BR></BR>

I have tried various combinations of make sequence, and moving the
process-children in front of the appended element.

This results in the element being processed twice and still being

I am sure there is a method for stating the sequence of flow in a way,
that allows this to be processed only once, and to append the <BR>
elements only at the end. But, I am missing it somewhere.
If any one could advise, I'd be grateful.


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