Graphical data representation...

Subject: Graphical data representation...
From: G Satyashree <SatyashreeG@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 19:47:50 +0530
I am quite a fresher in the world of DSSSL. I am currently working on
document conversion from a given format to SGML and using Jade-MIF backend
to format the SGML document thus generated, to produce a MIF output.

I am stuck when it comes to processing graphic objects, such as lines,
polygons, arcs, ellipses etc. Parts of my source document have graphical
ellipses connected with straight lines. I've tried to reproduce the a sample
below: there main grid with 3 horizontal lines and 4 vertical lines, the
open-close parentheses can be understood as ellipses and the horizontal
lines connecting the ellipses are the straight lines.

| ()-|-()-|-() |
| ()-|-()-|-() |

MIF does support these graphical objects, but I can't seem to see a direct
way of mapping these objects such that DSSSL understands them as what they
are and formats the SGML document having such figures. Any information
towards resolving this issue would be most helpful.

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