html stylesheets don't move graphics?

Subject: html stylesheets don't move graphics?
From: "Kevin M. Dunn" <kevinmd@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 20:45:52 -0500
I am a new user of jade/docbook/dsssl. When I run db2html, the html files get created alright, but the images are referenced as if they were in the current directory. I could append code to the bottom of the db2html script to create links, but I wonder whether there isn't already a switch that everyone knows about except me.

I am using Norm Walsh's Modular DB Stylesheets, version 1.52. The following sgml:

          <figure id="shot1">
            <title>Screenshot (jpg)</title>
              <screeninfo>Screenshot of a program</screeninfo>
              <graphic format="JPG"

produces the following html:

>Figure 1. Screenshot (jpg)</B

This would be fine with the -V nochunks option to jade, but I would expect that when a new directory is created, it might produce


instead. Or perhaps people normally write their sgml in one directory and then move the generated html to e.g. public_html, in which case the graphics would have to move anyway. I am currently writing my sgml in the same directory from which it will be served. Any help?

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