jade, invalid character, and jadetex

Subject: jade, invalid character, and jadetex
From: "Mike Broschinsky" <m.broschinsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 19:21:38 -0700
I am an SGML beginner, working through Markus Hoenicka's 
NT SGML packet.

At the end of Markus' packet, he has the student create 
a simple DocBook document to process using Jade and 
JadeTex to create .dvi and .ps files

I created a .tex file with Jade using "-ttex" switch, 
which I then processed then with JadeTex, and got these 

! Text line contains an invalid character.
l.469 {^@
! Text line contains an invalid character.
l.469 {^@^@

I have taken a look on comp.text.sgml and the archive of 
this list, and found that I need to specify the TeX 
backend when running Jade, using this switch "-V 
tex-backend".  Reading the documentation for the DocBook 
stylesheets, I got the impression that these lines need 
to be added to the \print\docbook.dsl before the command 
switch for Jade will work:

(define tex-backend 
  ;; Are we using the TeX backend?

I inserted these lines in the \print\docbook.dsl at the 
beginning of the <style-specificatin-body> section, and 
ran Jade like this:

jade -cc:\docbook_stylesheet_path\catalog 
-dc:\docbook_stylesheet_path\print\docbook.dsl -V 
tex-backend dbtest.sgml

This is exactly the command I used the first time, with 
the exception of replacing the "-ttex" switch with the 
"-V tex-backend switch.  I wound up with a dbtest.fot as 
output instead of dbtest.tex.  I assumed then that I 
still needed the "-ttex" switch.  I added this to the 
command line, ran Jade, got a dbtest.tex file which I 
processed with JadeTex, and got the same invalid 
character message.

What have I missed?

Thanks very much,


Mike Broschinsky

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