Re: duplicating half page

Subject: Re: duplicating half page
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 17:09:14 +0100

> >    Now for the bad news... ;)  I highly doubt there is any way, within
> > the DSSSL standard, to pull off the duplication trick.  From what
> Shouldn't it be possible to have two page regions on each page and put the
> same contents in both regions?

Not with simple-page-sequence.

What would be possible is to have it the following way: Create a box-object
without indents, borders etc., then have the original content processed as
the box's content two times. Since the box object serves as a "logical" area
container, this would work theoretically.

Yet, I don't know wheter any backend supports such a construct.
(I just figured that out from the PDF backend I've written - this one does
it at least.)

Christof Drescher
Pro Image GbR, Marburg, Germany

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