Re: problem transforming SGML to XML

Subject: Re: problem transforming SGML to XML
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 03:25:07 -0600
Quoting Steve Chen <schen@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I am trying to convert Open Financial Exchange (OFX) documents to XML
> programmatically, and integrate it into my Java application for financial
> data exchange.  OFX is based on SGML.  I thought using Balise or XMetal from
> SoftQuad would be a possibility, but apparently, the OFX DTD is invalid, and
> both Balise and XMetal return errors.  SX from James Clark can handle it on
> Windows, but I have not successfully built it on SunOS, which is my
> deployment machine.
> I am not that familiar with DSSSL, other than its relationship to XSL.
> What's my best bet?
   The only freely available implementations of DSSSL are Jade and
OpenJade, which are mostly the same, OpenJade being a community-based
continuation of Jade development.  However, a DSSSL implementation
would really be overkill (and probably kind of slow) if all you need
to do is convert a document from SGML to XML.  Beside that,
Jade/OpenJade are built upon James Clark's SP parser, which is also
what SX is built upon.  So, if you couldn't build SX, chances are you
won't be able to build Jade/OpenJade, either.
   However, there really shouldn't be any problems building on SunOS,
as far as I'm aware.  Your best bet would be to post a message to the
OpenJade bugs list (jade-bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx), describing, in as much
detail as possible, what happened when you tried to build the SP
package (which contains SX).  Be sure to include the version number of
SP that you have, as well as complete information about your platform,
such as which version of SunOS you're on, and which version of which
compiler you're using.
   You may be able to solve your problem by just upgrading to a newer
version of SP.  The OpenJade project has released OpenSP 1.4, and will
probably be releasing the final OpenSP 1.5 shortly.  You can find the
latest version at:

-Brandon :)

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