Re: Is this layout possible with Jade/DocBook/DSSSL?

Subject: Re: Is this layout possible with Jade/DocBook/DSSSL?
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 23:45:56 -0600
Quoting G.B.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxx <G.B.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> What I've been trying to create is something akin to the layout of the R4RS
> specification: 2 columns in portrait orientation where the top of the first
> sheet has an initial title across both columns. I've failed miserably so if
> anyone can help I'd be most grateful. The facts follow:
   This can be done, if you don't mind having the title on a page by
itself, with the 2-column formatting beginning on the next page.  You
can actually have multiple simple-page-sequence objects in your flow
object tree (output).  This allows for differing attributes on certain
pages, such as numbering pages that constitute front matter (table of
contents, introduction, etc) with lowercase roman numerals, then
numbering the main body material with regular numbers.
   So, the thing to do would be to have the rule for, say, the
<artheader> produce a simple-page-sequence with just one column, then
have the article body create another simple-page-sequence with two
   If you want the title to span the top of a two-column page,
unfortunately... you guessed it... you would need to use the
page-sequence flow object (actually, you would need the
column-set-sequence flow object, which is even *more* complex than
just page-sequence... *sigh*).
   On that note, the ability to have different headers/footers on
front and back pages in a simple-page-sequence is due to a
non-standard extension in Jade/OpenJade, which can *only* be used in
the headers/footers of simple-page-sequences.
   Regarding your last question, no, there isn't really an index for
the standard, unless you consider Henry Thompson's "DSSSL Digest",
which is an alphabetical quick-reference to all of the procedures in
DSSSL (chapters 8 - 12).  However... (goes to take a quick look) you
may want to check out the "HTML Help" version of the standard which
Norm Walsh produced.  It should be available from the same site where
you can get the PDF version of the standard, and it apparently
includes a pretty decent index, automatically generated from the
original SGML sources of the final draft of the standard.

-Brandon :)

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