Re: DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets - customize sectionings?

Subject: Re: DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets - customize sectionings?
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 06:17:06 -0500
/ Karl EICHWALDER <ke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| I'm trying to customize Norman's DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets a little
| bit (book, print output.  But the sectioning arrangements are too
| complex for me.
| . Instead of "Chapter 1" I want to have "Chapter 1:".

Redefine the appropriate language version of label-title-sep:

(define (*-label-title-sep)  ;; * = en, or de, or, etc...
   (list (normalize "abstract")		": ")
   (list (normalize "answer")		" ")
   (list (normalize "appendix")		". ")
   (list (normalize "caution")		"")
   (list (normalize "chapter")		": ") ;; . -> :

| . All sections but the first of a chapter should start on a new page.

That's a little trickier. Simple page sequences can't nest, so I recommend
that you do this at the component level. Process the first section with
the component, then process each subsequent section, putting each in
its own simple-page-sequence.

| . In addition to the numberings of the sections I need some preceeding
| text, e.g. "Section 1.1:".

The colon is another label-title-sep thing, adding the word section
at the front can be accomplished by redefining $section-title$.

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