Re: Character List (was Space preserving)

Subject: Re: Character List (was Space preserving)
From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06 May 2000 15:27:33 -0400
Jany Quintard <quintard.j@xxxxxx> writes:

> Thanks to all who answered. It is fine to come back after four days off
> and to find the answers one needs.
> Could this information be put on the DSSSL page or on the Openjade page ?

I think maybe it should be added to the 'contrib' directory of
openjade or opensp source distributions (it would need a little

However, this isn't possible right now since there isn't a copyright
allowing redistribution.

Daniel, what do you say to attaching some sorta free license to your

Also, is the list of character names in charnames.dsl complete?  Is
that list generated from something else?  

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