[OpenJade] Compile errors building OpenJade 1.4

Subject: [OpenJade] Compile errors building OpenJade 1.4
From: Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 May 2000 00:49:56 -0400
My apologies for the off-topic post; the openjade kit points to a
bug-reporting page which is apparently no longer active, and in the
absense of anywhere else to report this, I'm begging the patience of
this list to try and reach the authors.

I'm attempting to build OpenJade 1.4 from the CVS sources using gcc
2.95.2 and the compile fails on a string of errors more or less
identical to the following:

GroveBuilder.cxx:5136: conversion from `const OpenSP::StringC' to
`OpenSP::StringC &' discards qualifiers

/usr/local/include/OpenSP/ExternalId.h:58: in passing argument 1 of
`OpenSP::PublicId::getDesignatingSequence(OpenSP::StringC &) const'

I am building this against OpenSP 1.5, also from CVS sources, on a
Linux Mandrake 7.0 system.  A websearch on that error only turned up
comments in other project lists warning of bugs in egcs.

In OpenSP, I did need to make two changes to get through the compile:
the configure script seemed to detect HAVE_BOOL (it sets the size of
BOOL) but this declaration was not added to config.h (adding it
manually seems to fix it) and the qsort call in SubstTable.cxx needed
to cast the &map_[0] to (void *)

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