Re: HTML->DocBook? (Re: HTML -> RTF)

Subject: Re: HTML->DocBook? (Re: HTML -> RTF)
From: Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 May 2000 02:09:53 -0400
Sadly, it seems another childhood illusion has just been dashed: Deja
does not archive the entire USENET feed!  Their records for
comp.text.sgml only go back one month :(  I found several archive 
sites for comp.text.sgml, but all of these stopped recording in 1998.

I should have known I'd be looking for the Holy Grail ;) ... if you
still have that DSL file, please post it (if others will forgive the
bandwidth) so it will become archived on this mailing list.  If it
is too large, just email it to me and I will place it on my website.

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