Re: Adding information to page footer

Subject: Re: Adding information to page footer
From: Lorand Bruhacs <bruhacs@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 09:14:31 +0200
Brandon Ibach wrote:

> Quoting Lorand Bruhacs <bruhacs@xxxxxxxx>:
> > I want to define a function for element "releaseinfo" that
> > takes the data in current-node and stores it to a global variable.
> > The function looks like:
> >
> > (element releaseinfo
> >    (let %revision-control-id% (data current-node))
> >    (empty-sosofo))
> >
> > ..which is syntactically correct but doesn't produce the
> > desired result.
> >
>    It *is* syntactically correct for Scheme, but not for DSSSL.  DSSSL
> is "side-effect free", which, among other things, means that you can
> only define global variables at the top level, and not inside element
> rules or functions.
>    You just need to replace your references to %revision-control-id%
> with an appropriate query expression.  To make it easy, you could
> define a function that returns the releaseinfo data and just use that
> function where needed.

The problem is that the releasinfo data is only available within
the releasinfo element rule. How do I smuggle the data out without
using side-effects?

- Lorand

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