AW: index in docbook

Subject: AW: index in docbook
From: SOPHIE.BOULAS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 16:10:24 +0200
Hello Pieter,

I do not know all what the "print" stylesheets from docbook can do. I made
my own stylesheet and I pick up from my document the information what have
to appear in my index (it is the content of only few special SGML-elements,
what should appear in the index). You can make you a function what looks
after a special element through the all tree and collect these special
elements. When you have the list of these elements you can sort them and
generate from this liste your index. That´s the way I try to go. The output
I generate is SGML.


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I'm using DocBook 4.1 and I am using OpenJade to generate
tex and html.
Currently I'm unable to produce an index with the 'print' stylesheets
from docbook. In the SGML document instance I use <indexterm>
to define the points where the index refers to.

The problem is that an index page is defined using the <index>...</index>
elements in docbook. Is there a tool to generate this from the <indexterm>
elements? The perl program seems to work only for HTML.

thanks, regards,


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