RE: OpenJade/OpenSP on CygWin ... sort of

Subject: RE: OpenJade/OpenSP on CygWin ... sort of
From: hoenicka_markus <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 23:59:33 -0400
>It is implied, but you don't actually say that its for 
>win32 Markus.

Yep. It's wrong to assume that everyone knows CygWin. For the archive:

CygWin ( is a POSIX layer that runs on top of Win32. It
allows those who have to use Windows for whatever reason to use a fairly
complete GNU system. This includes gcc, ld, make, etc. to port Linux/Unix
application to Win32 with minimal code changes.


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