Re: win95 binaries

Subject: Re: win95 binaries
From: hoenicka_markus <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 01:50:06 -0400

>You can use the link at Markus Hoenicka's page

>I downloaded it recently and it is fine.
>It is version 1.3 anyway.

It took me a while to find out, but after a bit of thorough testing I'm
quite sure that this native Win32 version (from is

The problem is not in the transformation, that seems to work ok. The
problem is rather in some cryptic error messages. onsgmls will (almost?)
always print "(Invalid Message)" instead of the real error message.
OpenJade will at times produce error messages which do not reflect the
actual problem. If you need to debug a non-valid document, this is not
exactly helpful. If you work with documents that are valid anyway (e.g. if
you create them with PSGML, which increases the odds enormously to get a
valid document), you will not see this problem and the output is flawless.
But you can simply try yourself. Change a start or end tag of a document to
some nonsense value and see what onsgmls and OpenJade report.

As reported previously on this list, I have OpenJade 1.3 binaries compiled
with the CygWin tools at This version does not
show the problem of the native Win32 version. The downside of the CygWin
version is that you have to make do without locale support (as in Jade).
Another downside is that I do not yet have the instructions for the CygWin
stuff online, as this necessitates some changes in the setup. I hope I'll
get it done within a few weeks.

I contacted the maintainer of the native Win32 binaries. Unfortunately his
workload does not permit him to fix the binaries. So unless someone else
revvs up his MSVC (I don't have the $$), this will not be fixed anytime


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