RE: Beginner problem

Subject: RE: Beginner problem
From: hoenicka_markus <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 00:17:01 -0400
>OK, I know how to get rid of error message about builtins.dsl, but all
>others stay.
>My question is: HOW DO I INSTALL IT PROPERLY???

>I did it step by step with a book. You have seen the result. Today I did
>again according to Marcus' tutorial
>( I
>have run openjade on his example. I got the same result - no formatting,
>same error messages. Do you have some other tips?

I somehow missed the start of this thread, but I think I can contribute to
the "strange error messages" part of your problem. If you're using the
native Win32 version of OpenJade 1.3 you're out of luck. This binary is
broken w/ regard to the error messages (transformations are fine) as I
reported in a previous mail to this list.

Your options are:
1) build it yourself if you happen to find a copy of MSVC++6.0 on your
2) use the CygWin version of OpenJade that I announced in my previous mail
to this list.

The latter has a different limitation (no locale support), but you get rid
of the strange error messages.

To find out how to use this version, visit again

and follow the tutorial "with CygWin"


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