fot2pdf release 1.02

Subject: fot2pdf release 1.02
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 16:03:18 +0200
Dear DSSSL users,

just a quick note to inform you about the release of fot2pdf-r102.

fot2pdf is a PDF backend for Jade/OpenJade and produces PDF files directly
from Jade-generated flow object trees. It includes support for PS-Type1
fonts, imports other PDF-files as external graphics, uses an optimizing
line-breaking algorithm and much more. The official site (including
downloading) is located at

Below are the latest changes; of course, bug reports and requests for
improvements are still welcome.

Christof Drescher
Pro Image GbR, Marburg
Tel. 06421-66800, Fax 06421-66820
email: drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Release 1.02
2000-09-29: Fixed:  Symbol fonts (like ZapfDingbats) could not be used due
                    to the fixed "special encoding". Now, all symbol fonts 
                    are using their implicit encoding.
            Fixed:  Tabs were not treated properly and could corrupt the
                    justifying procedure, now, they are treated as a normal 
            Added:  Implemented "input-whitespace-treatment", especially the
                    "collapse" version.
2000-09-28: Fixed:  Fontnames/Filenames containing spaces could not be used;
                    now, quoted entries like "Times New Roman" are allowed
            Fixed:  On an errored Image-import, a non-conforming PDF file was
                    produced; now, a black image is created by default, so 
                    even files without images can be created.
            Added:  Included default TrueType substitutions (->Base 14!)
            Added:  Simplest auto-width-feature for tables implemented:
                    Table-width is equally distributed on all columns 
                    without given width. Still, a warning is issued!
2000-09-25: Added:  The fileformat of an image (external-graphic) is not
                    only taken from the "notation-system-id", but also, 
                    in case the former is left empty, from the file
                    extension of the source filename (entity-system-id). 
                    This does work pretty well for the simple standard 
                    naming like "image.gif" etc.
            Fixed:  Error for empty notation-system-ids fixed
            Fixed:  Paths for -D without trailing slash were reported as

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