Equivalent to __FILE__ and __LINE__ in C ?

Subject: Equivalent to __FILE__ and __LINE__ in C ?
From: Hartmut Holzgraefe <hartmut@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:23:49 +0100
 Is there any way to find out where in the XML source a node originaly
started (something like the magic C preprocessor macros __FILE__ and 
__LINE__ )?

 Backgroud: I am currently working on a cross reference project for
the PHP source and documentation that tries to collect as much 
information as possible for each function made available by PHP.
 This includes links to the documentation generated from the XML
manual sources and to the XML source inself including file and line
number information so that the source display is positioned at the
beginning of the <refentry> for the documented function.

 Right now this is the last place where information is extracted by
some obscure PERL code instead of DSSSL stylesheets and i would really
like to get rid of PERL altogether in this project.

 I am dreaming of something like the following snippet to transform
the reference information i need into database statements for further
processing ... :

(element refname
  (make sequence
    (literal "INSERT INTO docref(function,file,line) VALUES ('")
    (literal (data (current-node)))
    (literal "',")
    (literal (sourcefile (current-node)))
    (literal ",")
    (literal (sourceline (current-node)))
    (literal ")")

 So is something like this possible right now? 
Or if not: would it be possible to implement it (i'd might even go 
for it myself if someone is willing to help me on the first steps)?
Or is it a bad idea altogether because of some reason i am not able
to see yet ... ?

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