Re: Graphics in header or footer

Subject: Re: Graphics in header or footer
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 08:46:30 -0600
Quoting Christof Drescher <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Quoting Hans Eberle <Hans.Eberle@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > > With this funcion it was possible to insert a graphic into a table cell.
> > > But when I try to insert a graphics into header or footer, the graphic
> > > in the table cell was disappeard.
> > >
> >    Just a hunch... try setting "display?" to #f.  Jade may not allow
> > anything other than inline content in a simple-page-sequence header.
> Just to make sure: Jade does indeed allow external-graphics to be inserted
> in the headers/footers. If they don't come up, it's a problem of the
> backend. Theoretically, it should work (at least it does with fot2pdf).
   Oh, sure, Christof... *make* me go look everything up. :)  I didn't
mean to say that you couldn't put an external-graphic in an s-p-s
header.  What I was getting at is that the header might not be allowed
to have displayed objects.  Indeed, the DSSSL spec requires that the
header consist of purely inline objects.
   Thus, the specification of display?: #t in Hans' example would
cause a problem.  In fact, I'm surprised Jade didn't issue an error
about it.  In any case, changing the value of display? to #f (or
omitting it altogether, as #f is the default) will cause the graphic
to be created as an inline object, which is allowed in a header.

-Brandon :)

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