(dsssl) Jadetex - was Keep with next and widow/orphan problems

Subject: (dsssl) Jadetex - was Keep with next and widow/orphan problems
From: "Brian Callahan" <briancallahan@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 23:57:03 -0800
More details: I've tracked the problem down to one that occurs after the TeX
file is created, I assume while the DVI file is being created with Jadetex.
Is this a problem anyone else has had? More than anything, I need to figure
out which part of the equation is faulty - is this a problem that Jadetex

In some places it actually seems that the system is going out of its way to
orphan/widow... in at least one place there is ample room for an additional
line at the bottom of the page, but instead it is relegated (all alone) to
the top of the next page.

Checking the .tex file created by jade shows the WidowCount and OrphanCount
parameters appropriately.

Any ideas are much appreciated - between a rock and a hard place at the
moment. I really want avoid doing a DB -> RTF operation and using
Word/Acrobat to output PDF. I'm processing a large number of files and know
that there is a better way.

Brian... ;-)
(Sorry if this message appears twice - I haven't seen the original come
through yet, and it's been all day, so I'm resending).

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From: "Brian Callahan" <briancallahan@xxxxxxxx>
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Subject: (dsssl) Keep with next and widow/orphan problems

> I'm having some disconcerting problems getting keep-with-next and
> widow/orphan counts to work. I'm using the Docbook modular stylesheets and
> jadetex (2.7 I think) to go from Docbook to PS, then to PDF. It seems that
> jade (or jadetex) is ignoring the keep-with-next and widow/orphan counts
> altogether - leading to plenty of single lines at the tops and bottoms of
> pages, as well as section titles that appear as the last line on a page...
> even if I specify these parameters directly for paragraphs. Does anyone
> any suggestions - or is anyone having the same problem?
> Brian Callahan... ;-)

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