Re: (dsssl) Jadetex - was Keep with next and widow/orphan problems

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Jadetex - was Keep with next and widow/orphan problems
From: Thomas Andre Berger <thomasbe@xxxxxx>
Date: 19 Dec 2000 09:33:25 +0100
"Brian Callahan" <briancallahan@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> More details: I've tracked the problem down to one that occurs after
> the TeX file is created, I assume while the DVI file is being
> created with Jadetex.  Is this a problem anyone else has had? More
> than anything, I need to figure out which part of the equation is
> faulty - is this a problem that Jadetex has?

Yes.  But you are running an old version of jadetex.
> In some places it actually seems that the system is going out of its
> way to orphan/widow... in at least one place there is ample room for
> an additional line at the bottom of the page, but instead it is
> relegated (all alone) to the top of the next page.

I think this has been improved in later version of jadetex.  But you
need to use openjade to use the improved jadetex.

We use a patched version of jadetex 2.20 and openjade 1.3.  This is a
pretty good combination.  Look at for
the patches to jadetex/openjade.  I recommend using them!

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