(dsssl) DSSSL stylesheet for xsl fo

Subject: (dsssl) DSSSL stylesheet for xsl fo
From: Linda van den Brink <lvdbrink@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 15:26:12 +0100
Hi all, 

Last week I was looking for a way to render my XML documents as RTF using
XSL. But apparently, none of the existing XSL renderers can output RTF; all
they do is PDF. So then I thought of using DSSSL, because (Open)Jade does
have an RTF backend. Then David Carlisle gave me the idea that it would be
nice to create a DSSSL stylesheet for XSL FO files. I could have a
stylesheet to create an XSL FO file from an XML document, then use this XSL
FO file to create PDF with FOP, and to create RTF, etc with Jade via this
DSSSL stylesheet. 

First question: has anyone already done this? 

If not: my DSSSL knowledge is very rusty, but I think this is worth trying. 

Linda van den Brink

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