(dsssl) External Graphic entity name

Subject: (dsssl) External Graphic entity name
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 08:57:55 -0800
Is there a straightforward way to tell a DSSSL script where to look for the
system entity applicable for an external-graphic without hard coding the
file location? 

I am calling the same DSSSL script from a variety of locations, and would
prefer it to find this graphic using something like a catalog file, rather
than hard coding the file location in the entity-system-id.

I am using OpenJade, and examining the documentation for Jade regarding the
catalog file inclined me to try a catalog entry like

	SYSTEM "logo.png" "C:\usr\xml\logo.png"

where "logo.png" is the entity-system-id given in the DSSSL code, and
"C:\usr\xml\logo.png" is the actual location of the file.  However, this
returns a file "logo.png" not found error unless the script is run from the
directory where the file is actually resident.

I would actually prefer to identify the graphic using a formal public
identifier, but DSSSL does not appear to allow this, if I read the DSSSL
Spec correctly. In any event, I have not been able to see how to make it
work if the spec or implementation do allow it.

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